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  • curlkarma-cream-6oz
  • curlkarma-cream-6oz

CurlKarma Curl Enhancing Cream (formerly Curlkarma Curl Energizing Cream) - 6 oz



- Energize and enhance waves and curls

- Transforms lifeless droopy waves

- Create perfectly defined - natural looking swirls

- Lightweight formula

- Leaves hair feeling super soft and full of shine


When is Curlkarma Curl Energizing Cream used?
Curlkarma is ideal for individuals with fine to medium hair texture with soft, delicate curls that tend to be dry and fragile.

What makes Curlkarma Curl Energizing Cream unique?
The Curlscience Ingredient Complex provides incredible hold with absolutely no added weight. Allows curls to last all day so hair stays frizz free, and full of bounce and definition.

Additional Information

Ingredients Key ingredients include:
Curlscience Ingredient Complex
Low-viscosity composition that allows the product to spread easily and evenly throughout the hair for a perfect, even distribution of product. Allows hair to move naturally without losing its original shape.
directions Apply a small amount into hands and work through towel-dried hair from roots to ends. Diffuse hair or dry naturally.

The Blendable Options:

For additional shine-
1 part Culkarma Curl Energizing Creme 1 part Shine Drops Smoothing Serum (use more for long hair!)

For additional hold -
1 part Culkarma Curl Energizing Creme 1 part Holdon Styling Gel

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Brocato is the Best!
    Review by TFon 5/16/2014
    This cream helps me to keep a consistent curl in my hair. With other creams, some sections of my hair would droop and go flat, while other parts remained curly. It also leaves your hair soft and touchable.
  • Overall
    great product except for build up
    Review by Marjorie Clark on 5/3/2014
    This product works great, but builds up in my hair. Do not want to use a clarifying shampoo to get it out because it will also take some color out.
  • Overall
    Review by Tiffany Ron 4/4/2014
    I had this product given to me by a friend who had cut her hair short. I have naturally wavy hair that I am fortunate enough to be able to wear curly with product, or straighten. I typically was using mousse when wearing my hair curly, but after using this product using mousse will never be the same. You don't have to use very much, and this gives my hair the perfect curls without even looking like you used product and being shiny or having that wet look. You will not be disappointed with this product if you are looking for beautiful natural looking curls.
  • Overall
    Incredible Stuff!
    Review by L. Schreiber "Writing Again"on 10/3/2013
    I have been using this with the Brocato Actives Restorative Hair Infusion and it's absolutely amazing! I have unruly curls and never know what I'm going to get from day to day. But the combination of these two products has cut the frizz down tremendously, and my curls look more uniform and just plain better. This stuff really does work better than anything I've ever used for curls! I highly recommend it!
  • Overall
    Great for medium curls hair
    Review by Chavion 9/8/2013
    Great product! I love Brocato hair products; they don't contain as much chemicals as most hair products do and their good!
  • Overall
    Best curl product I've used.
    Review by Kim Hon 8/26/2013
    I like this product because it doesn't leave my hair wet and crunchy looking. It allows just the right amount of moisture for dry curls and keeps the curls bouncy and beautiful. I used to put it in when my hair was totally wet and recently was distracted when I was getting ready and didn't put it in until my hair was almost dry and I love it even more using it that way.
  • Overall
    Great product!
    Review by J. Burk "Grandma JackiE" on 6/11/2013
    I love this product - even in the heat & humidity my curls hold without frizz. Of all the products I've tried this is the best!!
  • Overall
    Best product on the market!
    Review by Ashley Eon 5/9/2013
    I love these curl creme! I have thin hair strands, so it is difficult to find a product that encourages my natural waves and curls without weighing it down or feeling hard and crunchy. With Brocato, my hair looks soft and curly.
  • Overall
    Review by Kaye Gon 4/14/2013
    Really helps my hair stay soft and curly. I will keep using this product on a daily basis.
  • Overall
    great product for humid climates
    Review by Christy Son 3/7/2013
    I have great curls but they can be a little frizzed sometimes. When the humidity isn't that bad or just for a regular day I'll use just the energizing treatment (conditioner) but for going out or when the weather is a little less cooperative, this stuff is amazing for getting my loose curls to behave and look "salon finished"
  • Overall
    Works just like it says it will
    Review by S. A. Hagar "online shopper"on 2/12/2013
    I am on my third tube and this product is light, leaves my hair soft and clean and curly. It lasts me months and months. You won't be disappointed.
  • Overall
    Transforms dry coarse wavy hair to smooth waves
    Review by stefmac9on 1/30/2013
    I have the above.
    Day one I wash hair and put this in. I diffuse and finish with hair spray
    Day two I curl with a fat iron and I repeat for a couple of days. Gross I know but I have dry hair. This product allows for me to do this and does not build up and my hair looks fabulous because of it
  • Overall
    the best
    Review by C. Petrizzoon 1/23/2013
    This product is the best. It is non greasy, feels light and allows you to control your hair, curls go the way you want and no frizz!!
  • Overall
    my daughter likes it
    Review by D. A. Alrutz "deb" on 1/11/2013
    I buy curl stuff for my curly head girl and this is what she likes. It's expensive, but I guess it tames down the naturally frizzy mass!
  • Overall
    Love this product
    Review by Linda Kon 12/3/2012
    Just a drop of this product keeps my hair curly....and if I choose to brush it out my hair is nice and soft....
  • Overall
    Keeps curls soft
    Review by catchyon 8/21/2012
    I really like this product because it keeps my fine curly hair soft, though it can build up in my hair and make it feel almost oily.
  • Overall
    curlkarma = <3
    Review by Lorna Burden "The Froggy"on 4/15/2012
    A friend recently introduced me to Brocato products when she visited from Canada. She very kindly left me with a sample tube of the Curl Energizing Cream, which I lovelovelove. Finding products that help hold soft curls without stiffness or frizz is... well, like the holy grail of hair products. This one fits the bill.
  • Overall
    it works great
    Review by sunshineon 4/10/2012
    I walk in to a beauty shop to get some product and am transitioning my hair to natural so i have two different types of texture and the lady recommend to use carmakurl, and after I apply, I roll my hair with flexy rod next day in the morning my hair feels soft, curly, afro type I love it.
  • Overall
    A Must Have Product
    Review by CBon 3/16/2012
    I love Curlkarma and can't live without it. My hair stylist used this on my hair when she talked me into letting my hair dry naturally to enjoy my curls. I thought I just had wavy hair and always blew it dry. With Curlkarma I have curls and style.
  • Overall
    The all time best product to take curly hair
    Review by Lavendermuseon 6/4/2011
    My wonderful hairdresser Katie Schneider told me about curlkarma because my hair is long and thick with tight natural curls. I could never keep it under any kind of control with any mouse or hair spray. Now that I've discovered curlkarma I love my hair and get many compliments. I'm also able to let it grow without having miserable tangles, frizz and frustration. I bought 2 bottles the last time so I will never run out. It maintains my hair even in our Seattle rain.
    a happy Seattlite

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