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  • Brocato Detangle Conditioning Spray 8.5 oz
  • Brocato Detangle Conditioning Spray 8.5 oz

Detangle Conditioning Spray - 8.5 oz



- Lightweight detangling spray

- Works as leave-in conditioning spray

- Revitalize curls and tame frizz

- Can be used as pre-wrap lotion when perming


When is Detangle Conditioning Spray used?
This light leave-in conditioning spray can be used when the hair is in need of extra moisture, detangling, shine or if hair is frizzy and needs taming. Great for children and hair prone to tangle. Apply liberally before swimming to fill porosity and protect from chemicals.

What makes Detangle Conditioning Spray unique?
Add shine and manageability while protecting hair from heat and styling damage. This detangling spray offers protein and sun protection.

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Additional Information

Ingredients Key ingredients include:
Vitamin B (Panthenol)
Penetrates the hair shaft to thicken, moisturize and condition

Aloe Gel
Contains essential amino acids, when provide conditioning properties

Comfery & Ginkgo Biloba
Comfery promotes healing of dry, damaged hair; Ginkgo Biloba serves as a nutrient for hair and scalp
directions Shampoo and towel dry hair. Shake well. Spray onto hair, concentrating on tangled areas. Do not rinse out. Use on dry hair to protect.

Styling Glaze
1 part Detangle Conditioning Spray + 3 part Holdon Styling Gel

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Review by imesha on 10/7/2009
    I have relaxer damaged, tangly mid-back length hair. Detangling is a huge chore. This product makes it a breeze. It is cone free and contains panthenol, glycerin Sodium PCA and some hydrolyzed vegetable protein (middle of ingredient list).

    My hair is fine this does not weigh it down. Nice for rollersets too.
  • Overall
    Blond, Wavy, Medium hair
    Review by k9muttlover on 1/24/2009
    I have been using the swell volume leave-in as it's cone free, but I don't need any volume and I thought it was the only cone free leave-in Brocato offered. I picked up detangle at Ulta last week as after I checked over the ingredients I realized it in fact was cone free! I love it! I like it much better than swell volume as it leaves my hair super shiny and provides plenty of slip. Great product if you're looking for a nice detangling leave-in.
  • Overall
    Blond, Straight, Fine hair
    Review by kimberpoo on 8/8/2008
    This is the best detangler I have used! I love it on dry hair best, but it works wonders on wet hair as well. I usually spritz a little on my wet hair, blow dry, then use as much as I am in the mood for on my dry hair. it gives it soooooooooooo much 'slip' makes it super smooth and soooo silky. better than any other product I have used (and I have used a lot!). If I put too much on wet hair (you can be generous with this product, but go easy at the scalp and roots) it can weigh it down a tad and doesn't give it as much slip as when I apply it directly to dry hair, which is why I love it on my dry hair best. makes it so I barely need to use any styling products at all to keep frizzies away. LOVE!!!!!!! also, it is safe for all types of hair (including colored) and it works wonders after I have been in the car with the windows down or swimming or at the beach. If I put it on my hair before I go swimming or to the windy beach it barely gets tangled at all. yay!
  • Overall
    Review by intheflatfieldon 6/15/2003
    I really like this spray! My hair is long, fine, and wavy leaving it prone to frizz and dryness, so I am always on the outlook for a good leave-in for it. Most cream leave-ins either break me out or leave my hair feeling odd and tacky, and most sprays seem to leave me breaking out or they give my hair a terribly annoying coated feeling. None of which is ok with me. But this conditioning spray does none of the before mentioned. It leaves my hair feeling completely natural no matter how much I use, it doesn't bother my skin, it doesn't weigh my hair down at all, it does add moisture, and seems to help tame frizz some, too. It doesn't kill my waves, either, which is a major plus! It's also nice that this helps to protect from sun damage, and it also claims to offer protection from heat styling. As a side note, while the bottle for some reason doesn't state to do this their website does, you are suppose to SHAKE WELL before use.

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