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  • brocato-peppermint-shampoo-10oz
  • brocato-peppermint-shampoo-10oz

Peppermint Scrub Shampoo - 10 oz



- Brocato's "Original 5" product

- Fresh, invigorating, deep cleansing shampoo

- Improves circulation resulting in shinier, healthier hair

- 100% pure peppermint oil

- Exhilarating fragrance

- Can be used as a body scrub


When is Peppermint Scrub Shampoo used?
Peppermint Scrub Shampoo is an excellent clarifier in preparation for chemical services. Leave on the hair for three to five minutes and rinse. It can also be used as an everyday sports shampoo, bleanding Peppermint Scrub with Splassh Shampoo. It may be used as a treatment shampoo once a week, which is recommend for hard to clean hair (not recommended daily on chemically treated hair). Or it can be used as a body scrub. Apply Peppermint Scrub to a loofah sponge and gently massage the entire hair to leave it feeling fresh and clean.

What makes Peppermint Scrub Shampoo unique?
It contains a combination of carefully selected cleansing agents that promote a healthy lather which aid in removing build-up of styling products, minerals, perpiration, chlorine and other dulling residues from the hair while remaining gentle to the scalp.

Additional Information

Ingredients Key ingredients include:
100% Pure Peppermint oil
An invigorating, aromatic, refreshing oil. Designed as a purifier.
directions As a Clairfier in preparation for chemical service:
Apply to dry hair and mist with warm water. This creates an emulsified cream, which cleans the hair and scalp in preparation for a perm, straightening or color service. Leave on the hair for three to five minutes and rinse. To create an "Ultra Scrub", place a cap over the hair and sit under a warm dryer for three to five minutes, then rinse.

As a treated shampoo, once a week:
For hard-to-clean hair (not recommended daily on chemically treated hair).
Peppermint Scrub on wet hair cleans deeply and completely.

As a body scrub:
Apply on a loofah sponge and gently massage the entire body to leave it feeling fresh and clean.

The Blendable Options: Sport Shampoo-
3 parts peppermint scrub shampoo + 5 parts Splassh Daily Shampoo

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Love it!!!
    Review by lyboheroon 3/9/2014
    bought this for my husband. Bought it years ago and couldn't find it anymore. He likes the way it makes his head "tingly" when he used it. I use it couple times a month for a good clean.
  • Overall
    Good shampoo
    Review by rywon 1/31/2014
    I really liked this shampoo. It's minty, cleans well, leaves my hair squeaky clean which is what I want. If you want a basic shampoo that cleans effectively, this will work great.
  • Overall
    Makes my hair feel soft!
    Review by T. Griffith "Griff's Girl" on 1/4/2014
    I use this twice a week. It takes all the buildup and chemicals out. Leaves my hair soft and silky. The smell is a real plus, IF you like peppermint.
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by NaRiHoon 9/26/2013
    I love this shampoo. It makes your feel very clean, it is a great clarifing shampoo to use, my go to for sure, it smell great too.
  • Overall
    so fresh and so clean!
    Review by Melissa L on 9/3/2013
    Makes my scalp feeling amazing! Smells great and is super refreshing. I love this product. I only use it once a week and a little goes a long way, so it will last forever. Doesn't dry out my hair either!
  • Overall
    Brocato Products Are Wonderful
    Review by TFon 8/24/2013
    I have only used this product once when writing this review. It didn't dry my hair out like most clarifying shampoos do. I really love Bracato products.
  • Overall
    Suzanne Lane "gracenmoshon"
    Review by love iton 7/4/2013
    I use this once a month and gets all the chemicals from hairspray, hair products etc. my hair feels wonderfully clean
  • Overall
    The same as regular shampoo
    Review by Opal_Oc "Opal_Oc"on 6/21/2013
    I don't get this product. I saw other people recommended it saying it would wash away the buildup in your hair. I use it once a week for months. I haven't noticed any difference between it and other shampoo. It's exactly like the other regular shampoo, except that it's a lot more expensive.
  • Overall
    Works and Smells Great!
    Review by micheeon 12/16/2012
    Love this stuff... use it once every couple of weeks, has a terrific smell and squeaky clean hair and scalp as a result!
  • Overall
    G. Demetrio
    Review by Nice one!!on 6/8/2012
    Really nice smell and clean sensation, refreshes your scalp, it says you should inly use twice a week but sometimes I just can't resist!!!
  • Overall
    Great weekly cleaner for conditioned hair.
    Review by Jesse A.on 3/23/2012
    I finally found a shampoo that gives my very fine hair body (VO5 Extra Body). It was great for two weeks... then my hair went flat. I tried washing the conditioner out with several regular shampoos without conditioners but they didn't get my hair clean. So I tried my wife's Brocato Peppermint Scrub Purifying Shampoo (look closely at the label).

    It is not recommended for daily use, so the cost isn't significant; it takes me six months to use the 10 oz. size because it only takes a marble size ball to clean my short hair; and I mean really, squeaky clean with one application.

    If your hair is loaded down with conditioners or anything, this is the stuff to use. It smells nice too.

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