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Vibracolor Color Last Conditioner - 32 oz

Vibracolor Color Last Conditioner - 32 oz

Product Review (submitted on January 28, 2012):
-Pretty plain, white bottle
-Cap is a snap up/down opening

-VERY thick conditioner, you don't need to use a lot because it's very rich
-Conditioner is clearish and looks like Neosporin

-I use this in combination with the Brocato Vibracolor Shampoo so tough to say if my results are from the shampoo or conditioner or both - when using the set I've had no problems with color stripping or becoming dull (I have light brown hair with blondish highlights).
-Hair is very soft and not tangley after a shower (shoulder length hair)

-Pleasant, sweet scent but beyond that it's very difficult to describe; no chemical odor & does not small flowery
-Fragrance does not linger after washing hair